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When a power outage happens at your house, everything is at risk. Power is an everyday necessity of life. Usually, we don't think about what would happen if the power went out. We take it for granted that the power will always be on.

But the reality is that the power grid is aging faster than ever before, and the weather is getting so unpredictable. With more and more homes, condos and commercial buildings connecting to this aging power grid, something will eventually fail, and you could be without power more often, and for longer periods of time. An event 20 kilometers away can cause your power to go out, leaving your home or business in the dark and cold. Hydro/Electric companies can no longer guarantee stable, 24/7 power.

The company to call is Bulldog Generators, authorized dealer for generators in Stouffville, ON. We carry several brands of generators and provide installation and parts for residential, commercial and industrial generating systems. We offer an extended warranty, and regular maintenance packages as well. Our customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you are never without service.

Without a generator, your house is at risk during a 4 hour or more power outage:

Never Feel Powerless Again!

Prepare for a power outage with a generator. Protect your business from power interruption. For quality backup power solutions, contact Bulldog Generators today for more information.

  •  Furnace – No Heat during a Blizzard or Ice Storm
  • Sump Pump - Flooding
  • Refrigeration/Freezers – Spoiled Food
  • Security System - Unprotected
  • Hot Water – Cold Water Only
  • Wifi/Internet – No Communications
  • Lighting – In the Dark
  • Telephone/TV – No News or Updates
  • Medical Devices – Medical Appliances are Useless
  • Air Conditioning – Very Hot in the Summer

Authorized Dealer

Bulldog Generators carries several brands of generators and install all over Ontario.  In business for over 15 years, we sell, service and stock parts for all types of generators.  We are a complete, one stop solution for your generator installation.  With thousands of installations over the years, you can be sure that Bulldog has the perfect backup solution and experience that you can count on for your house.

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Power outages aren't a 9-to-5 thing.
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