Company Overview

Bulldog Generators is a medium sized company. We strive to provide the best products for your need with professional service. We collaborate with other professionals to provide you with experienced technicians in several fields such as Gas/Diesel Mechanics, Electrical, Electronics, Propane/Natural Gas, I.T./I.S. Our on-site technicians are trained and Certified Annually by EGSA, Generac and Kohler.  All our technicians are insured and bonded.

We require no contracts.  With 2000+ loyal customers, Bulldog Generators provides the best service for competitive rates.



Bob has been working on engines for 50 year starting with his first VW Beetle Dune Buggy at age 13. He became a diesel-endorsed mechanic and started his own shop. For part of his career, Bob also worked in high voltage electricity and heavy equipment with Cliffside now known as Summerville.
He started Bulldog Generators as a venture to import Asian generators for Canadian use and expanded into exporting to the Middle East.
His customer list grew with HomeDepot as one of the first Generac service dealers. Needing more staff, he added some technicians and hired Lynn in administration, who he says "really runs the company". Bob based his company on service and reliability, and it was these policies that Bob's "Loyal Customer Policy" started. This gave him the oportunity to buy out his Ottawa dealership.

Bob believes and works by the old world business philosophy of Trust and Respect
Recognised By the Department of National Defence as a leader in industry, for hiring experienced Veterans and supporting the troops.



2003  -  Bulldog Generators started in Northeast Blackout of 2003
2005  -  Bulldog Generators became a Generac dealer
2013   -  Ice storm drew new customers from the Toronto GTA, and spurred company growth requiring the hire of new employees
2014   -  Received the highest level of dealership in Ontario from Generac
2014   -  Recognised by the Department of National Defence as a leader in industry
2015   -  Became a Kohler dealer, but have been maintaining Kohler Generators since 2003



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