I just wanted to say thank you for the fabulous service and product (although I have only had one outage of electricity since its installation and damn, I wasn't home to hear it come on, it did and I was not concerned that I wasn't home). From the moment I met with Joe, your sales guy, to the finalized install, I was treated with respect, every question and concern dealt with quickly and professionally, and your company did what you said you would do, and in the time frame that was quoted. I have had a lot of horrible in contractor experience, this isn't one of them. As my gas guy told you, Bulldog Generators are known as the 'generator whisperers'! You know what we need, what to do, and do it. Thanks again,

  • Opal H.

Thks. Your a genius. Gen fired right up and green light is on.
Thks again

  • Raymond R, Electrician 

We lost Hydro from 4:00am Friday Morning until about 5:00pm Friday. Then On Saturday morning it went off again, until about 4:00 pm.  After that the  power was restored.

During this outage, the Generator performed very well, and as expected.  It was so great to have this luxury!  After all the years of putting up with the inconvenience, we can only say "Why did we wait so long!"

You should also know that last year August, we had part of an F2 Tornado pass through here.  We had trees broken etc.  It was a frightening experience, but the Generator started and worked flawlessly for 18 hours!!  Again, what a pleasure!

  • Eric & Cathy

Thanks for the excellent service.

  • Devin S.

... I meant to contact you regarding the Easter weekend.  We lost power around 10:00 pm Thursday evening and it did not come back on until Friday night around the same time.

I was so happy to have the generator.  There was absolutely no interruption in our life.  No having to haul water up from the pond for the horses. Everything clicked in almost immediately. Other  than the sweet hum of the generator we would never have known we were without hydro.

This is truly an investment worth every penny.  Definite peace of mind living in the country.

  • Joan & Steve

1st off,  thank you your your patience in working with me to finally get a time late in the afternoon that worked in terms of setting up an appointment.

2nd, The tech who came was excellent. Friendly and professional and really took his time with the generator and answering questions I had.

Thanks for great customer service.

  • Michael M

You're amazing. Thank you.

  • Erin F.


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